What is the true cost of running an IT department in your business?

Well, you have to Pay a Salary, Purchase IT Equipment, Buy Special Tools, Send your IT team away for Training at least once a year… and that’s just specifics for the department – but what about the other hidden costs such as having to provide a computer and mobile phone, a desk to work at, a telephone extension, maybe even a parking space.

All the costs can rapidly add up!! In fact hiring an IT Engineer for £30,000 per year might actually end up costing you over £45,000.

But the IT Engineer that’s costing your business over £45,000 a year has limited knowledge, they may be an expert on Windows but what about Apple Devices? They might understand about networking but how about storage and email? They might know what a firewall is, But do they know how to protect you from a malicious attack?

That person is also entitled to holiday time, they might get sick and have to be off for a while – and your business needs to keep running no matter what happens

The traditional solution that companies have is to hire 2 IT Engineers…. At a cost of over £90,000 per year. They might have a bit more knowledge between them and you can be sure that there’ll always be someone available.

£90,000 for a company that employs 10-15 people is a very big and unnecessary expense – in fact we would go as far as to say we think those costs are ridiculous.

So whats the options?

Well, there’s IT Support Contacts that charge you a per device (computer/server/printer) fee and promise to reply to your emails within a certain amount of time. In general if they cant fix the problem by email or phone then they have to visit your office where they’ll charge you a “Site Visit” fee and a per hour rate.

These contracts are good to keep costs down and in general they offer a good support service. But that’s all they do, Just IT Support. If there’s a problem – they’ll fix it.

But IT isn’t just about having something and fixing it if it breaks and IT is just a small part of what makes a business run.

Technology is the backbone of all businesses now. Everything from your Emails, Website, Blogs, Antivirus, Documents, Phone System, CCTV, Ordering System and even getting into your building – its all controlled by technology. Sure you can go an get a support contract for your Computers, another one for your CCTV, one for you Phone System, and contracts for everything else – but the costs will keep adding up and soon you will be having nightmares about all the jargon that you keep hearing and reading about.


Virtual Tech Team – IT Support but much better

At Lab1 we don’t think its right that you should be caught up spending all your time stressing and worrying about suppliers and contracts instead of running your business. So we’ve developed a perfect solution that will mean you have an IT team at your beck and call without the ridiculous costs – We call it Virtual Tech Team.

Our Virtual Tech Team is the perfect solution for your growing business – we will give you a Virtual Tech Director who will work with you every step of the way to ensure your business is resting on the best possible Technology Backbone.

Just because there’s Virtual in the name it doesn’t mean they don’t physically exist

Your VTD is an actual person who you will have direct contact with over email, phone, mobile and even face to face. The VTD will learn your business and what you do then make sure that you’re business is running as smoothly as possible.

You can expect your VTD to come in and spend time at your offices – sometimes pre-arranged & sometimes just a quick drop by, meet with and get to know your staff, handle your suppliers and contacts, recommend services or products that can help enhance your business, attend governance meetings, produce quarterly reports about your IT systems and recommend where improvements can be made and so much more.

It’s like your business has a tech whizz best friend who’s always available and wants to see your business grow as much as you do

If any of your staff have a problem or a question they can contact your VTD directly and ask away. If there’s a major issue that the VTD can’t deal with then he has the backing of the full Lab1 Team of Techies – so no matter what problems or issues you have there will always be an answer or solution. And if your VTD goes away on holiday or is sick – everything will be fully documented on our side and someone will always be available to pick up their phone and answer emails.

So how much does this all cost?

Using our initial example – an IT team for a company of around 10-15 employees would cost over £90,000 per year.

Our Virtual IT Team costs £750 per month – that equates to only £9,000 per year – A Massive  Saving of 90% on your IT costs. That’s £81,000 extra a year that you can spend on marketing, hiring more staff, or even paying out bonuses and dividends.

It covers up to 15 staff, but don’t worry, if you need to hire an extra set of hands we wont charge you through the nose for it. Our pricing structure is simple £750 for up to 15 staff members, then £75 per additional member of staff – Simple. So if you’ve got 20 members of staff your costs would be £750 + £75×5 = £1125. Best of All – we review your number of staff every 3 months, so don’t worry, everyone is covered the second they join your team.

Call us now on 020 3475 3233 to discuss how a Virtual Tech Team can help your business reach new milestones.