Lab1’s Live Event Production transform your events from run of the mill to unique exquisite events that your guests will remember for many years to come.

Gone are the days of dimly lit presentations, awkward seating with no view of the speaker, guest limits due to venue restrictions and people who wish they could have attended.
With Lab1 everything is shown clearly in Bright Sharp Full High Definition, everyone can see the speaker with our Multiple Screens, anyone anywhere in the world can watch your event live as it happens with our Online Streaming and best of all; every single minute of your event is recorded ready to upload online and even hand out to guests at the end of your event.

Lab1 only uses the best equipment available which is taken directly from the TV Broadcast Industry and our experienced team will work with you every step of the way to ensure that you and your Audience have a truly amazing experience.

What goes in


Speaker out of focus or something out of shot?

Not with us, we use Professional Full HD cameras to capture every detail of your event. You could have just one single camera covering your event or several dotted around the room to give your audience a holistic view. We also have specialised cameras that are designed to get up and close to the action so if you have a performance at your event these camera will offer amazing views without blocking the view for your guests.

Video Clips

Want to show a video or presentation to your Audience?

No problem, we give you the flexibility of showing your audience anything you want be it a video, presentation, photo or even live video feed from anywhere in the world such as a skype call or even another event. These can be shown on screen at any time with seamless transitions – or even side by side with your speaker or host.


Have you ever been to an event and didn’t quite catch the speakers name or title?

Happens to the best of us. As our equipment is taken directly from the TV Industry we can help your audience remember who it is by overlaying Name Tags, Web Addresses, Twitter Handles, Facebook Names or anything else that will help them remember the speaker, and thus remember your event. You can even make things interesting with Questions from the Audience, Live data such as Twitter Feeds or Auction Bids.

Comes out stunning


Been to an event but you were unable to clearly see the screen?

Why not make your guests comfortable by placing multiple screens around the room so even your guests all over the venue can clearly and comfortably see what is going on. No more neck strain or sore backs. Multi-Room/Location Event?
Multi-Screen will give everyone the chance to see your event as if they were there in the front row.

Online Stream

Remember that event you wanted to attend but couldn’t for various reasons?

You might not, but the people who did attend will remember it. With our Online Stream anyone can watch your event Live as it happens from anywhere in the world – even if they’re on a flight cruising at 30,000 feet – and they will see exactly what they would have if they were there. Ticketed event? Don’t worry – you can offer the stream for free or a fee.

Live Recording

You want your Audience to go away with memories right?

With our Live Recording everything shown on screen is instantly saved meaning you can offer all or a select number of your guests a recording of the event before they leave. This also means that the minute your event is over you can upload it to your website or youtube to show your customers or supporters.