Technology is bigger than just computers, and we cover it all. Our solutions are tailored to each individual client and to their industry. Companies are like fingerprints, no two are alike and so we work with our clients to understand not just what they do – but how they do it.

For some clients they may just need a computer network to share files and a printer – for others they might need a way for their customers to book and get access to hotel room while maintaining high security and safety standards. We cover everything from Physical Building Access to Cloud Networks – each and every solution tailored using the latest technology. We have a network of experts so the possibilities are endless.

Lab1 also combines different technologies to produce consumer focused services such as web portals and information guides. Our projects are designed to give the public access to information in a new way using tools that are intended for major corporations – enhancing the way they perceive and process information.


As more and more of our day to day activities are involving Technology, companies are finding that the number of required IT staff is growing rapidly. However due to the specialist nature of Technology hiring one “Jack of all Trades” is no longer good enough.

At Lab1 we have a team of experts, each with their own speciality, to ensure that you always have an expert available to fix, maintain and improve your technology.

Think of it as having a team of specialists without the overheads.


Technology is designed to work together and integrate; your emails with your users, your news with your customers & even your accounting software with your accountants. This all relies on connecting all your devices together through a Network. But as we digitize everything that we do, the risks of a security breach increase.

Having a Secure and constantly available Network is now paramount to conducting your business. Having a Network that gives you flexibility means you can always stay ahead of your competitors by integrating the latest technologies.


The way we do business in changing; with the availability of tablets smart-phones we are no longer tied to one physical location. Introduction of new devices means you can conduct your business from home or a beach in the Bahamas as if you were sat in your office.

Getting the right software and services for your business is essential to successfully making the leap from fixed location to freedom. Lab1 are constantly staying up to date with what the latest tools and devices are so you can have the freedom you’ve always dreamed of.


Viruses, Spyware & Malware – 3 things that could spell disaster for any business. Protecting your data and systems from an attack is becoming an increasingly difficult task as hackers are constantly discovering new ways to get or disrupt your data.

Lab1 has partnered with a Leading Antivirus company to ensure that your data stays safe and away from prying eyes. We will supply and maintain Award Winning software so when you sleep at night, you can be assured that your data will be safe in the morning.