Lab1 a specialist consultancy dedicated to helping Small to Medium Businesses stay ahead by helping them adapt. With a wealth of knowledge and a vast pool of resources we ensure that our clients are always prepared to adapt their business to stay ahead – thus staying alive and successful.

We don’t just connect a few cables here and there, we constantly research new and emerging technologies and adapt them to give our clients the edge.

We are not chemists who only prescribe pre-made concoctions, we are the people in the laboratory who make discoveries, experiment with new things and combine little bits of technology to see how they can work together.

Lab1 believes that some of the best ideas come when people are left to their own devices – therefore we adopt a Leadership framework over the more traditional Management. Our staff are not tools we use, they are individuals we nurture and provide an environment within which they can grow.

Our Founder and Director has experience spanning across multiple industries which he has accumulated over 15 years of working with technology. He holds many highly respected Qualifications and Accreditations and has completed over 50 projects across Europe, Middle East and Africa. Our Founder dedicated 4 years of his life to working in the non-profit sector with charities and grassroots organisations – giving him a deeper understanding of the role and effects technology has on us.

Lab1 believes in integrity and honesty, and we have a strict ethical code. We feel very passionately about the work that Nonprofits and Charities do to help society and thats why we offer them a 10% discount to help their money go further. We also distribute 10% of our profits to various Charities who work for causes that we hold dear to us. This is just our way of saying thank you for looking after all of us.